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Burbank California Real Estate

Burbank California Real Estate

google mapBurbank California Real Estate

Burbank California Real Estate is home to the Southern California Entertainment industry. Sure Hollywood has the fancy "Street" but Burbank has all of the big Studios: NBC, ABC, Warner Studios, Disney Studios, Universal Studios, The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Dick Clark Productions, just to name the big ones, and much of the support for the entertainment industry is right here in Burbank.

 For it's residents, the City of Burbank has it's own fantastic School District, Police and Fire Departments and Department of Water and Power. Burbank is an island of sanity, surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Services offered to the residents of Burbank California are top notch. Police and emergency fire response times are incredibly rapid, youth and senior programs are plentiful and very accessible. Over the years, Burbank has managed to hold on to it's small town charm while venturing into the 21st Century.  

Burbank California History. The city of Burbank occupies land that was originally part of two Spanish and Mexican-era colonial land grants,granted to Jose Maria Verdugo by the Spanish Bourbon government in 1784. Historically, this area was the scene of a military skirmish which resulted in the unseating of the Spanish Governor of California, and his replacement by the Mexican leader Pio Pico. Remnants of the military battle reportedly were found many years later in the vicinity of Warner Brothers Studio when residents dug up cannon balls.

Burbank is not named after Luther Burbank as many believe, but rather by a Dentist named David Burbank. A professionally trained dentist, Dr. Burbank began his career in Waterville Maine He joined the great migration westward in the early 1850s.  By the time the American Civil War broke out he was well established in his profession as a dentist in Pueblo de Los Angeles. In 1867, he purchased Rancho La Providencia from David W Alexander and Francis Mellus, and he purchased the western portion of the Rancho San Rafael (4,603 acres) from Jonathan R. Scott. Dr. Burbank's property reached nearly 9,200 acres at a cost of $9,000. He eventually became known as one of the largest and most successful sheep raisers in southern California, resulting in him stopping his practice of dentistry and investing heavily in real estate in Los Angeles.

google mapA shrewd businessman, foreseeing the value of rail transport, Burbank sold Southern Pacific Railroad a right-of-way through the property for one dollar. The first train passed through Burbank on April 5, 1874.   A boom created by a rate war between the Santa Fe and Southern  Pacific brought people streaming into California shortly thereafter, and a group of speculators purchased much of Dr. Burbank's land holdings in 1886 for $250,000. One account suggests Dr. Burbank may have sold his property because of a severe drought that year, which caused a shortage of water and grass for his livestock. Approximately 1,000 of his sheep died due to the drought conditions. .................. For More Burbank History, follow my link to Burbank History.

Shopping & Dining In Burbank California  

Over the years The City of Burbank has seen eateries come and go. Here are our top ten, in no special order: One of Burbank's newest eateries, Granville serves American fare, The Castaway with fantastic views and a great Saturday and Sunday Brunch, The Smoke House, famous for not steak, but garlic bread? Yes, that's right, Garlic Bread. Alfredo's Granada Mexican Restaurant is our sit-down favorite for south-of-the-border fare and killer margaritas and Casita Taco al Carbon  for less fancy but delicious home made Mexican food. Pinocchio Italian Restaurant is an incredible Italian Deli and Market great for lunch and early dinner.  Giamella's Submarine Sandwiches are big and beautiful for lunch, Gourmet '88 is Burbank's best Chinese food hands down and the biggest omlet you ever saw is at Ean-N-Park. Burbank Shopping must begin with the Burbank Town Center with Anchors, Macy's, Sears and Burlington Coat Factory, the Burbank Downtown Village has the AMC Theaters, Urban Outfitters, Ross Dress for Less and many eclectic specialized retailers, the new Empire Center, Built upon the old Lockheed property sports a Michaels, Lowe's, Target, Costco, Staples office supplies and much more.

Bob Hope Airport


The City of Burbank School District is comprised of  11 elementary schools, three middle schools and three High Schools. The Burbank School District  and schools are California high achieving, distinguished in the state. Burbank is the home of Woodbury University.


Parks and Recreation

The City of Burbank has many fine parks, Stough Canyon Nature Center has great views of Burbank from the Verdugo Mountains, McCambridge Park with many youth and senior programs, a huge pool, manicured baseball fields, and indoor gym. Johnny Carson Park, Brace Canyon Park, Wildwood Canyon Park and many more. You can enjoy a ride on the Chandler Bike Path. The Joslyn Senior Center is state of the art  senior recreation. Trust me, it's wonderful. The city of Burbank has a top notch Hap Minor Baseball program for your children. The Burbank YMCA is Huge. Check it out! Burbank has two gold courses, Lakeside is private and a wonderful public Golf course, De Bell Golf Course with great views of the San Fernando Valley.



The City of Burbank is a transportation hub to the L.A. area and the country. The Bob Hope Airport is a great alternative to LAX. Easy to get in and out of and parking is easy. Southwest Airlines is king here. The Amtrack Train stops at the Airport Station and Metrolink stops at the airport and Downtown Burbank Stations taking you all the way to downtown Los Angeles. Busses from all over the Valley and LA converge on the central bus station at the Downtown Burbank Train Station. Senior transportation is also plentiful and frequent. 




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