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Simi Valley Latin/Mexican Markets

Simi Valley Latin/Mexican Markets

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Latin/Mexican Markets In Simi Valley California

When we moved to Simi Valley, California,  I immediately needed to know where the local Latin/Mexican Markets were. Latin/Mexican markets are mostly neighborhood oriented, attracting the local Latino Community and people like me who just enjoy shopping with the Jente.This page will cover and review the various Latin/Mexican Delis and markets throughout the city of Simi Valley. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, I  discovered the Latin/Mexican Market during my starving student stage. It was perfect, the best of both worlds,  I could practice my Spanish and buy groceries at the same time. A Latin/Mexican Market almost always has a fresh produce department where you can find vegies fresher and at very reasonable prices, with an adequate selection of fruits and vegetables . If you are lucky enough, your neighborhood Latin/Mexican Market will have a good butcher on hand who will cut up a lamb shank, or dip your flank steak in a spicy asada marinade for you to take home to throw on the Bar-B-Q.  Just a little tip, if you do ask them for the marinade and they throw in green onions and such, remember those cheap onions add weight to what can already be a pricey cut of beef, so ask them not to add it.

The Latin/Mexican Deli

Most Latin/Mexican markets have a deli section where you can order tacos, burritos, and tortas. They will have a variety of sizes of containers so you can take home meats, rice and refried beans, home made salsas and other Mexican delicacies. These are always sold by weight and not necessarily the volume of the container.  This is a terrific and economical way to feed your family with Latin fare, without the high cost of the restaurant experience. 

If you are new at the Latin/Mexican Market routine, never fear, I have yet to shop at a Latin Market where English wasn't spoken. For sure, you will hear lots of Spanish, and I encourage you to try your hand at speaking some, but if you are shy, don't worry, go for it. You will be welcomed with open arms and you will be back!


Mercado Guadalajara #3

2139 Tapo Street Simi Valley California 93063 805-527-8647

Mercado Guadalajara #3  is one of my favorite Latin Markets. The place is clean, the vegetables are fresh and very well priced. The butcher is in the very back and they are always accommodating. The deli, pictured above is well stocked, smells and tastes great. The asada is yummy, so is the roasted chicken, beef cheeks and barbeque beef, as well as tripe and other Mexican delicasies that I wont touch if you know what I mean. They have a spicy vegetarian dish for those not too fond of meat. The lunch customers start lining up for the taco specials and burritos at just before noon, go figure, but the line moves fast until you get that confused customer who takes up all the cooks get the picture. I hope that's not you!!!  You will find Mercado Guadalajara #3 near the intersection of Los Angeles Avenue and Tapo Street, next door to the Veterinary Hospital. Mercado Guadalajara #2 is in Newbury Park and God only knows where Mercado Guadalajara #1 is. My guess....Guadalajara.??

Mercado Numero 1

1616 E Los Angeles Ave Simi Valley, CA 93065


Mercado Numero1 was the very first Latin Market I was directed to when I first came to Simi Valley  13 years ago. This has a butcher combined with the deli in the far back of the market. The butcher section is well stocked with beef, pork, chicken and seafood. This market has a real authentic feel to it with a large selection of spices as well as Mexican cooking utensils but I must admit, not the cleanest of the local ethnic markets, the fruits and vegetables not as fresh as Guadalajara and just not my favorite of the Mexican Markets. The deli here is pretty small but  the locals in the neighborhood know where to find it. Very busy at meal times. No place to sit and eat, strictly take-out.


 Ranchero Meat Market 

​1484 E. Los Angeles Avenue          Simi Valley, CA 93065                                           805-526-5540

​Rancho Meat Market is located in an "L" shaped shopping center just off Los Angeles Avenue on the west side of town. . These people are into meat as the name suggests. The butcher is in the back and the counter is filled with an extensive selection of beef, pork, chicken and fish. The market has the usual fruit and vegetable section, but doesn't have a deli inside serving prepared food. The place does have a restaurant right next door and it seem always busy. 











Panderia Garcia & Restaurant 

1619 East Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065


(805) 584-9370 








Carrillo's Mexican Deli

(805) 522-8939

2836 Cochran St Map.4658e9f 
Simi ValleyCA 93065


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