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Ten Best Beach Restaurants Malibu to Ventura County Line

Ten Best Beach Restaurants Malibu to Ventura County Line

Vineyards on Kanan Road

Simi Valley to the Beach in 40 Minutes

I love to go to the beach and living in Simi Valley gives me a great chance to do just that. From most parts of Simi Valley, you could have your feet in the sand at one of Southern California's prettiest beaches in about 40-45 minutes. 
From Simi Valley you head west on the 118 Freeway, the Ronald Reagan Freeway to the 23 Freeway South. The 23 to the 101, better known as the Ventura Freeway and head east to Kanan Road. Kanan Road is in beautiful Agoura Hills. Rolling hills, green in the spring and brownish in the fall. Kanan Road winds it's way through canyons with sandstone rock formations. Lately along Kanan road, folks of some means have taken to planting hillsides with grapes for wine ala Sonoma. Looks pretty but I look at the kind of money it takes to plant and irrigate such a vineyard and I think to myself, boy, they are going to be pretty mad when they go to Trader Joes and find out you can buy a good bottle of wine for under $ 5.00!
Once you pass the vineyards, you are half way through the canyon. You can pull off of the road for a wonderful glimpse of the Pacific, stop at any number of trail heads along the way down, or you can do what I do,and drive straight for Free Zuma Beach. At the very end of Kanan, you will find yourself at Pacific Coast Highway. Turn right and proceed to Zuma Beach, turn left at Weasward Beach Road, and follow the road, keeping to the left and you will find parking along the stretch of road on either side. This parking is free, first come first serve. At the end of the road is a pay to park lot. This stretch of beach leads up to Point Dume. This beach is really pretty and almost worth the price to park. Depending on the season, the maximum will be $10.00. Off season will set you back $6.00 for the whole day and in season, if you get there late, the end of the day will set you back $3.00. 

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The Sunset Restaurant

 So now you are at the beach and you are hungry. What do you do? Depending on your situation, you have many options within one mile of your location. Almost any restaurant critic will tell you the unfortunate truth that the closer you get to the water, the worse the food is. If that was always the case, the first restaurant I'm going to mention would be hideous, but of late, the newest incarnation of the beachfront               
Sunset Restaurant Malibu
restaurant at free Zuma, The Sunset Restaurant which has undergone many changes over the years, seems to be clicking  lately. Seafood is king at the Sunset, as one would imagine, with sea bass with peaches on a bed of mashed potatoes a real hit. Crab cakes, grilled octopus, grilled fish tacos, lobster ravioli, seafood risotto, salmon and don't miss the Fish & Chips! 

Top Notch!

Seafood is to be expected at seaside diners, but they make a pretty good steak for those of you who won't do fish.

Free Zuma Beach, in front of the Sunset Restaurant

The Sunset Restaurant has one of the best views and is the second closest to the beach of any restaurant along the shore between Malibu and the Ventura County Line. This stretch of beach is popular for dolphin and whale watching. The whales and dolphins round Point Dume  located just south of the restaurant. 

The Sunset Restaurant is a very popular place to have a wedding. They set up chairs right on the beach and the most beautiful weddings take place here east of Hawaii.

If you aren't hungry, have a drink and watch the best sunset, enjoy a ocean breeze and the sound of the surf and seagulls.


Nelly's Catering At Zuma BeachNelly's Catering Truck


 I'm a cheapskate and can't pass up a good Mexican Catering  Truck. Nelly's   has been forced to move from their previous two locations. She has moved to her newest permanent location at 29081 Pacific Coast Highway, at the Pacific View Nursery. They have a great spot perched on the north side of the property. A great idea for the nursery owner because they will get much more attention with Nelly there.  Nelly's truck feeds the many carpenters and construction laborers who work in the Malibu area during the day.  You can feed yourself well for under $5.00. Two chicken tacos and chips will set you back $3.00. Nelly makes Tortas, burritos and sandwiches of all kinds. Nelly will make you breakfast all day long. 

​Even though these reviews are for beachfront, ocean view restaurants, Nelly will be an exception to this rule because you are going to take the food from Nelly's truck, and head on down to Free Zuma to consume the goodness. 

Nelly's Catering Truck Menu

Although  the truck is equipped with the regular catering truck fare, Nelly prepares very good tasting meats. They display the meats next to the menu so you can see how they look and decide what you want to order before she prepares it for you. 




Nelly begins her day down at the Trancas Market at 7:00A.M. Feeding the many construction workers who know where to find her. Then as lunch approaches, she moves the truck south to the new location. The truck disappears at or before 3 P.M. . Nelly serves Malibu Monday - Saturday and then she takes Sunday off.

If you are at the beach during the week on a weekday or Saturday, you need to get your eats at Nelly's and then drive down to the nearby beach to gorge yourself with                     the great food truck fare.


 Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

28128 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu      

Phone 310-457-2503  

Open Daily 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Paradise Cove has been around since the 1920's. The restaurant is the closest to the beach along the stretch of highway from Ventura County Line, to Topanga Canyon. This is a must see beach destination for anyone visiting the Los Angeles area, and it's not for the food. It's for the location. Paradise Cove has it's very own private beach and pier. You can eat outdoors, at tables set up in the sand. If you do, leave your expensive shoes at home or in the car Boys and Girls, the sand will ruin them. You can sit indoors as well. Most every seat has an ocean view. This restaurant is almost always busy but if you want to beat the crowds,Paradise Cove Beach come in for breakfast early. They open at 8A.M., 7 days a week, and on holidays, they open an hour earlier, at 7! I have to say, they do breakfast best of all. Lunch and dinner is OK, but hey, you aren't here for the food, you are here for the beach. Get that straight in your head before you sit down and order that $15.00 burger, or any of the deep fried seafood assortments. 

​You can rent one of 3 cabanas for $450.00 per day. They allow a party of up to 30 people per cabana, but I would think that would be a little tight. You can rent it for the full day from 10 A.M. till closing. Included is all day parking for two cars, a large couch, two ottomans, a coffee table, ice chest and 4-5 chaise lounges and up to 10 additional chairs and tables. You are allowed to bring your own wine and beer.  You can make Paradise Cove an all day experience without having to spend $450.00 on a cabana. Parking is steep, especially if you choose not to eat. If you drive in, $30.00 per car per day. If you eat and spend a minimum of $25.00 for your meal, you can park for 4 hours for only $ 3.00. If you stay longer, look out for some sticker shock on the way out at the parking ticket booth.  If you choose to walk in, that is park on PCH and then walk down to the beach, it will cost you $10.00 per person. So why is this beach so popular? Well, it's the only beach where you can have alcohol served to you to drink on the beach in Malibu for goodness sake. On top of that, it really is beautiful with a long, pristine beach stretching out on either side of the restaurant. While you are there enjoying the sounds and sights of Paradise Cove, look up at the cliffs surrounding the restaurant and you will see the most expensive Mobile homes in Southern California. Mobile homes to be sure, but wow, what a view! Want to buy one? Give me a call! 

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Cafe Spruzzo Restaurant & Bar

29575 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Phone 310-457-8282

Open 7 days 11:30 A.M. - 9:30 P.M.

Across the street from the entrance to Zuma Beach is a shopping center with a gym, a market, a surf shop of all things and an Italian Restaurant called Cafe Spruzzo. This place has a fantastic patio from which you can see the expanse of Zuma Beach Stations 1-3, all laid out in front of you. The patio has a fire pit for cold evenings. The seating is casual and inviting. If you don't mind sitting inside at the bar, you can take advantage of Happy Hour from 3-6, but you won't get the great view. Enjoy a pizza or one of many Italian staples. They have salads and sandwiches. Prices are pretty reasonable for the location and the food is good.  Once again, you are at the beach, relax and have some adult refreshment. You aren't allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on Los Angeles Beaches, so after a hike on a local trail, or a nice day at Zuma Beach, wander across the street and relax at Cafe Spruzzo and enjoy the view!











Neptune's Net

42505 Pacific Coast Highway

Phone 310-457-3095

Open Daily 10:00 A.M. - 8:30 P.M.

I've been going to Neptune's Net ,"The Net" as it is called for 35 years. Back in the day, they separated the fresh fish market section from the market and restaurant. Today, the two sides have merged to form one of the mainstay restaurants  on the Pacific Coast Highway. Neptune's Net is located just north of the Ventura County Line at





 Yerba Buena and the Pacific Coast Highway.

Neptune's Net offers live lobsters, crab, and fresh shrimp. They will prepare the seafood by boiling, steaming or deep frying. Now that's the fresh fish side of the restaurant. On the other side of the restaurant you will find the old market, kitchen and order and pick-up counter. The market has an incredible array of bottled beers. Beware of the price tag on those suds junior, they make their money behind these glass doors, but hey, what is the common thread running through my beach restaurant reviews?? That's right, we are here to have fun, relax, enjoy life, Don't Worry, Be Happy. You are paying for the view, the experience and in the case of "The Net", you are here for the show. Especially if you are here on a weekend. The Biker Bunch has made Neptune's Net one of their stops. 

You will see many of Southern California's finest Harley Davidson's right in front all day long. There is the collection of surfers, who take their lives into their own hands as they cross PCH to grab a bite or a drink after catching the swell at "County Line", you will find locals and tourists here too. Lot's of people watching. Plenty of room to eat inside and out but things do get crowded on the weekends. 

Neptune's Net has a really nice parking lot, Andy Gumps for bathrooms unfortunately, but they keep them clean. You must make Neptune"s Net a stop on your next visit to Southern California.


Malibu Seafood


25653 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Phone 310-456-3430

Cafe & Market Open 7 Days a Week 11:00 A.M. - 8 P.M.



Malibu Seafood is a restaurant with a real fish market business attached.  They aren't open for breakfast because they say they are awaiting the best and freshest seafood to satisfy their customers who are expecting only the freshest, and at Malibu Seafood, they get just that. The fish market opens at 10:00 A.M., and the restaurant opens at 11:00 A.M.. Located just across the street from a very popular beach, Malibu Seafood has plenty of seating with panoramic views of the beautiful Pacific. If you are brave, you can take your life into your own hands and attempt to cross the very busy Pacific Coast Highway, either to get your seafood fix after swimming with the fishes, or you can eat fish and cross the street to brag to the ocean about your conquest.  Just don't eat a shark

steak and go swimming. Just sayin'.

The seafood quality and preparation are excellent here at Malibu Seafood. They serve grilled and deep fried delicacies. You can order Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, sea bass, Ahi Tuna, Halibut, Swordfish, etc., grilled with two sides priced from $14.95-$23.95. A real bargain! Steamed  seafood with lobster, shrimp, mussels and clams, deep fried fish filets, clams, oysters, squid and fries. No beef or pork but there is chicken for those who are out of sorts with the seafood. 







Moonshadows Restaurant

 20356 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265  (310) 456-3010  Hours:

Mon-Tue, Thu  11:30am–10:30pm
Wed  11am –     10:30pm
Fri  11:30am –  1:30am
Sat-Sun  11am    –    1:30am


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